East Ham

New parliamentary constituency

This constituency is new at the July general election, and replaces:

East Ham

Covered approximately 80% of this new constituency’s population, and 53% of this new constituency’s area.

MP profiles

Public opinion

Would be less favourable towards the Conservative Party if they chose to weaken climate policies


69.1% national average

Believe the government has increased investment in renewables over the past 5 years


52.0% national average

Believe that the government should use wind and solar farms to reduce energy bills


84.3% national average

Believe that the government should continue the block on onshore wind development


24.3% national average

Second placed party at most recent election


Have missed a bill payment in the last six months


31.5% national average

Have missed a credit payment in the last six months


23.6% national average

Have not been able to afford to turn the heating on at home when they have felt cold in the past month


37.5% national average

Loss of nature and destruction of the environment should be one of the most important concerns for the country

This area National average
Neither agree nor disagree 24% 18.7%
Net agree 68% 72.6%
Net disagree 8% 8.7%
Partly agree 38% 38.8%
Partly disagree 5% 5.9%
Strongly agree 30% 33.8%
Strongly disagree 3% 2.7%

Mental health has been impacted by the cost of living crisis


41.5% national average

Neither support nor oppose Net Zero


26.2% national average

Policies for tackling the cost of living crisis should go hand in hand with policies to tackle the climate crisis

This area National average
Neither agree nor disagree 26% 23.4%
Net agree 60% 58.9%
Net disagree 14% 17.6%
Somewhat agree 34% 34.7%
Somewhat disagree 7% 10.5%
Strongly agree 26% 24.2%
Strongly disagree 6% 7.1%

Tackling climate change should / should not be one of the Government’s biggest priorities right now

This area National average
Should be a priority 58% 57.5%
Should not be a priority 42% 42.5%

Worried about having to use a foodbank in the next year


28.7% national average

Worried about not being able to afford their mortgage or rent in the next year


40.0% national average


Country of the UK


Estimated child poverty


28.1% national average

Number of onshore windfarms


0.7 national average


Churches that have declared a climate emergency


0.2 national average

Number of RSPB Reserves


0.3 national average

Number of Save the Children shops


0.2 national average

Number of Wildlife Trusts Reserves


2.4 national average

Number of Women’s Institute groups